Sunday, May 10, 2009

I've started this blog for several reasons. Most pressing is the fact that never in anyone's lifetime has dairy farming seen such financial hardship.

Most of the leading experts will attribute the low farm milk prices of 2009 to a simple matter of economics supply and demand.

In the 1940 USDA Yearbook of Agriculture in an essay entitled “Beyond Economics” by M. L. Wilson, we read, "our economic problems are really moral problems." In fact, while dairy experts would have people believe dairy economics are the work of some vast, infallible supercomputer, dairy economics are the results of choices made by very few people.

The real question and the most important one, is to what end are these choices made. Mere common sense will tell you America was a better country when there were more dairy farmers. The loss of dairy farms and dairy farmers is an unnecessary contemporary tragedy.

Progress is not a simple change. Progress is movement in a desired direction.

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