Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Definitely Maybe

There probably never was a time when large dairy farms have been under such intense pressure. Usually, small farms exit which eventually pave the way for remaining farms to expand.

Banks have usually looked favorably upon expansion since most banks have consolidated and there are few small town banks left with a farm loan officer.

These times have inspired the idea of a large farm milk dump for two days, May 31st and June 1, 2009. However, a meeting in California replaced the thought of a milk strike with the idea of dairy co-ops working on a supply reduction program.

California Dairies Inc (CDI) sent a letter to members on May 26, 2009 supporting the concept which would cut current production bases by approximately 5%.

CDI to “participate in industry discussions” and included a provision stating these discussions “must include, at a minimum CDI, DFA, LOL and Security Milk Producers.”

Not to add to the mood of gloom, but, do not starting counting chickens.

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