Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Restaurant Sales

At: http://www.restaurant.org/pdfs/research/index/200904.pdf

is the monthly Restaurant Performance Index published by the National Restaurant Association. The above link is for April sales and was released in the end of May 2009.

According to the report headline, “Restaurant Industry Outlook Continues to Improve as the Restaurant Performance Index Rose to its Highest Level in 11 Months”

The entire report is just three pages and a quick read. Of great interest is the last page which breaks down some of the data.

What can be fairly said here is the report bodes well for dairy consumption. What is of great concern is the fact that the CME price for block Cheddar averaged $1.2045 per pound in April. Then in May, when restaurant sales clearly picked up the average block Cheddar price on the CME fell to $1.1394 per pound.

There was a philosopher in ancient Greece, Diogenes who went round in the daytime with a lamp. When asked why, Diogenes replied, he was looking for an honest man. Think of the trouble the poor guy would have at the CME.

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  1. The Free Market Myth
    Throughout our short history in this country there have been several hoaxes, if you will, cleverly engrained into the minds of the general population by a select minority of people. I could talk all day about any one of several outright lies, forced on the folks, and their consequences. Whether or not the actual end result of these, sometimes perpetual hoaxes, was the intended effect of the tricksters is many times not clear, other times however it's crystal clear.
    In the case of the CME and the dairy commodity trading industry, the smoke is starting to thin and the jig may soon be up. Thanks to the hard work and dediction of guys like John Bunting, many dairy producers across the country are starting to wise-up to these shenanigans.
    Seeing the darkness at the end of the tunnel we're in is one thing, stopping the train in time and putting it on another track is a much greater task.
    What we all need to understand is; the sword we wield is that of the nations food supply, it is a might sword indeed, and not one to be discounded in any way. If we use this simple power suuccessfully we will not only insure the success of our food producing industries in the United States, but also help guarantee the security and general wellbeing of this country we all love.
    So as farmers and patriots we need to look past the smoke and mirrors and through the hoaxes dutifully reported by many of the farm papers and shake-up the business as usual.
    We need to get at this now, not only for ourselves, but for all posterity.
    Jeff Suehring