Saturday, November 13, 2010


One cannot look at recent trading on the CME without questions coming to mind about the function of government.

Some hold that government is all about protection, particularly property, and those with the most to protect get the lions share of the governments attention. Adam Smith, the so-called father of capitalism, suggested the same and said those with the most to protect should pay the most in taxes. Maybe someone in the Tea Party mentioned Smith's view but, I don't recall hearing such.

Mostly, it seems the big push is for low taxes and less government.

However, Aristotle said, "It is in justice that the ordering of society is centered."

It is quite possible to have tyranny and have the rich and powerful shielded from harm.

A civil society, particularly one which claims to be a democracy, must truly focus on Justice.

I honestly don't see that happening in dairy.


  1. A victim mentality is self defeating. Is this the way you see dairymen?

  2. But keeping your head stuck in the sand just means your ass can be run over all day and you will never see the reason!

  3. A dairyman without a victim mentality does just the opposite. He's keenly aware and informed of the forces affecting his business, then makes decisions as to how to deal with them and gets involved in those things that are doable. It's a slow process and takes patience. Constantly looking for someone to blame and then simply howling at the moon is nonproductive.

  4. When the coops are acting illegally and the government is doing absolutely nothing about it, this has nothing to do with victim mentality. When forces affecting business are illegal it is impossible to make decisions as to what is "doable".

    John, with his charts is providing evidence of
    questionable policy as far as milk pricing being driven by market forces. He is not howling at the moon, government is simply not enforcing laws that are already in place.

    This is nothing more than a thinly disguised effort to push risk management AGAIN. At least you are not name calling this time, just condescending.

  5. If these crooks are successful in convincing farmers to sign up for risk management they would legally be in control of setting milk prices and not have to fear 12 million dollar fines for manipulating the CME.

  6. So tell me what you want and what you are doing to get it done.