Monday, November 22, 2010


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NASS released its "Cold Storage" report today:

Cheese is up but then, so are the MPC imports - what's new.

But, butter "Butter stocks were down 17 percent from last month and down 43 percent from a year ago." Naturally, butter prices fell $0.09 per pound on one offer. No, the offer was not from a butter maker. Isn't the market system just swell?

"Our Core Values:
We are serious about INTEGRITY . . ."


  1. So now that the price is down another nine cents that non butter maker will probably buy some today or since it worked yesterday try it again to take us into our Thanksgiving Holiday on a downward slide.

  2. Was'nt it also Hoogwegt that dumped the price 27 cents a couple of weeks ago? Integrity my ass.

  3. It’s obvious to everyone that follows the markets that they are corrupt, what really is disconcerting is that no one is willing or able to fix it. It really brings home how little power and influence we have.
    As for the milk production numbers just released, I wonder how high USDA will keep pushing the milk per cow numbers upward in order to make their books jive with product pounds. Is there some new shot on the market that I don’t know about?

  4. Don't you love having those twelve gallon cows?

  5. A distinct shortage yet it dropped another 11 cents today. I think the first poster above is on to something.