Friday, December 3, 2010

Butter Moving Up

The latest Dairy Market News states:


BUTTER HIGHLIGHTS: The CME Group AA cash butter price
declined early in the week but recovered late to close at
$1.6100 (-6 cents from last Wednesday, November 24 close).
Churning was more active over the long holiday weekend while
many other cream users were closed. Printing continues to
fill last minute orders from bulk and fresh stocks. Export
interest has improved with the lower prices. Some
manufacturers are looking at increasing butter/butterfat
exports, particularly during the yearend holiday season.
The "new crop" butter production year started December 1,
allowing CME Group cash butter market sale eligibility until
March 1, 2012.

At the CME butter went up 5 1/4 cents yesterday December 2, 2010. Today, butter went up 21/2 cents. Interestingly, Daisy Brand has been active on the selling side. Daisy Brand does not make butter.


  1. Consider that butter futures settle on physical delivery:

    So it is possible for a company to sell a product it does not make if it were using the butter futures as a risk management tool. Not saying this is the case, but it must be considered.

  2. Thing is, Daisy might not be involved with butter but their product line runs to sour cream products but screwing with the butter price would directly affect Daisy's input prices for cream... Nate Wilson.