Thursday, July 23, 2009

Follow the Money

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The Center for Responsive Politics produces data on the money flowing into Washington DC.

Of particular importance is the Dairy Farmers of America Political Action Committee (PAC) money.

A recent paper published by National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) on PACs found PAC money was given as a reward for doing the right thing – in the eyes of the PAC.

At the risk sounding like a co-op basher, the milk pricing system we have, as a matter of record, is a virtual 50/50 design by International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and DFA. DFA has so many joint ventures no one can say with any certainty, which side DFA is on.

One can say with confidence, DFA is for the status quo, they like things the way they are.

So, when you go or call Washington, DC, remember someone beat you to the door. Don’t interrupt this as cynical, this is the reality which must be faced. If your representative is on this list, ask why.


  1. Ah...another Bunting hate DFA thing. Everything that goes wrong is DFA's fault. You're pathetic. Look in the mirror.

  2. Are you a contributor/recipient of the above moneys? Sounds to me like Mr. Bunting has struck a nerve!

  3. #1 Anonymous:
    I've been looking at our situation for some time: everthing that goes wrong in dairy pretty much has the invisible hand of DFA behind it somewhere...look in that mirror yourself to see pathetic... no fool like a true believer!
    Nate Wilson

  4. As someone who has also become a student of this industry I have to say that if you put it all on the big board and start tying it all together the one common thread in all the string is three little letters, DFA. The problems, the lawsuits, the ones behind the scenes, it looks alot like Glenn Beck and Bill OReilly's investigation of ACORN. When an entity or individual obtains as much power and control as DFA has it can be used for good or just as easily for evil. Unfortunately for those of us who milk cows Gary "slight of Han(d)"man abused that power and Slick Rick Smith is only a change of name on the door. Their day of reckoning is coming.......dwc

  5. tell it like it is john we are really taking it big time and for what? so that the coops and processors can turn big profits until they turn this thing around and throw us a bone and let us dig back out and start to think that maybe we can actually pay the bills with milk again 2003 2006 remember them?