Saturday, July 18, 2009


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This is from yesterday's meeting. The answers speak volumes.

The meeting was video streamed and will be available at: for several days. There are some quality issues but, it is not about a show, it is all about facts.

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  1. John,
    Many thanks to you and Kurt Williams for your excellent presentation and thanks to Dave Rama, the N.Y. Holstein Assoc., S.U.N.Y. Morrisville and all others responsible for bringing the event off.
    Dairymen must not have their focus drawn to proposed measures that have no practial chance of enactment; this is why I cannot support Arden Tewksbury's S.889. The Holstein Assoc. proposal is less than perfect but it's a does not address two fundimental issues: Pricing on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the MPC issue... these need attention but I see the overall propsal as a work in progress and would be much more inclined if these could be addressed.
    Sadly, I fear the immediate crisis is going to play-out pretty much unleavened by meaningful government intervention...time's too short and governmental inertia too great.
    Sen. Gillibrand, now chair of the Senate dairy committee, has publicly acknowledged that the milk pricing system is broken: this is hopeful... perhaps we might guide her toward a system of pricing based on retail price. Retail price is the best most transparent indicator of the true value of our milk.
    Nate Wilson