Sunday, August 2, 2009


On Friday, July 31, 2009 the Agricultural Prices report was released. According to the report, the parity price for July 2009 was $41.70. The “all milk” price was $11.30.
The average price “F.O.B.” was $10.70.

Commonly, F.O.B. means “free on board” and there never has been a situation when that was truer.

Farm milk index was 87, meaning it was 87% of the 1982-84 base period. June’s consumer price index for dairy products was 194.197 or nearly double the base 1982 – 84.

To date no one has used the term bi-polar market, however, this seems to be the case in dairy pricing. The question is, where can a couch large enough be found and who is going to dig up poor old Dr Freud to deal with the situation?

This week Dean Foods will have a second quarter report. My guess is it will be tempered by some clever book work.

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  1. John,
    Your term "bi-polar market" is too good not to use...we dairymen need to get that into the mainstream media...they might just love it-a catchy & perfect description of our current predicament.
    But Greg Engles & Company resort to "clever book work"??? Oh, John; you're a shameless cynic. Keep it up! later, Nate Wilson