Monday, August 17, 2009

Opening Day at the County Fair

Today was opening day of the county fair. Too hot and the crowd was much smaller. There are few people left who remember when cattle were driven down the road to the fair.

The fair has changed too in other ways because, the biggest draw at the fair is the demolition derby. The National Anthem is played while the engines of the first heat are rumbling. Except for the fact there were no lions and no way to verify the number of actual Christians, the crowd brought to mind the Roman circus – that is some kind of blood sport.

But, the tone of the people surrounding the dairy cattle was subdued. No yelling and screaming. Most of the farmers in this county have small farms. This time, while bad, maybe possibly can be survived, maybe.

The suppliers were different. This time is different and the big question, for the first time, is how many will survive.

Of course, the large stud services and many other suppliers, which are now panicked, have never seen it necessary to understand anything about milk pricing. Con games – all con games – operate with a cover of ignorance.

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