Sunday, March 7, 2010

Farm Share of the Jug

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I have been looking at some numbers for fluid milk for the next issue.

The above graph indicates something, the trend, which could not have occurred by chance.

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  1. The spin these processors are putting on the farmer(newsletter from processors) and through the media (article in the HD by Louis P. Longo) is the CVA.

    The dynamics of the processor/farmer relationship are likened to the wicked stepmother/child. Yep, we are all in the same family, but the general public, government officials and media and some farmers just don't get the relationship. The stepmother is profiting from child labor or slavery. They are hoping to tap into the fear of the farmers that just don't understand how they are robbing the milk money by saying "They are trying to take the CVA away from YOU". Never once mentioning how the CVA helps them steal from the farmer.

    The sad thing is....the farmer is paying for the spin doctors, the attorneys, the trips to the conventions to learn about how to skirt antitrust issues.

    I wish I could see the detailed financial postings (not the glossy generic one they send out) to see how much of the farmer owned coop money that is used to in effect fight the farmer and keep the milk prices low.

    Sick thought that we are paying for their defense in the antitrust suit which is really against us. We are getting the shaft on both ends.