Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Lobbying for 2009

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After poor dairy farm milk prices for longer than anyone could imagine, most people might wonder why nothing much happened in DC. Money talks in DC. Too many with dollars think everything is just fine - the system is working just fine.

However, this is not just an attack on dairy farm income, this is essentially an attack on what we believe.


  1. Maybe combined with the previously mentioned letter writing campaign these charts should be included so they know we are aware of who is lobbying and what their intent is. We can be sure that none of these lobby dollars were spent in favor of increased milk prices, and with the amount that is spent we can also be sure that any change will be somehow in their favor. Down to the very last one these are strictly processor lobbies, and not one is a producer lobby or friend to producers.

  2. Boy the top five dairy industry lobbies sure tell a story.

  3. If you check the source for the Milkweed article, you will find NMPF with 133 million to spend (including CWT) and IDFA with another 9.5mil to "work for the betterment of the dairy INDUSTRY".


  4. In the Feb Milkweed DFA CEO Smith predicts the demise of CWT. They wouldn't do this if there wasn't an ulterior motive. The lobbies for NMPF and DFA have already been pushing for a takeover of CWT by USDA and a mandatory 25 cent slam to all producers, and they want USDA to let THEM administer it for them. I think this is what theyr'e pushing for with some of this lobby money.