Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Barry Wilson publishes a very good "Dairy Industry Newsletter" (DIN)from England. Subscription rates in the U.S. are a mere $790/year. An on-line edition is available for $1000/year.

In the December 8, 2009 edition DIN states, "Chinese imports of dairy products from world markets have soared this year."

A table shows October 2009 and November 08 - October 09. Whole milk powder increased 340%in the year and increased 260% in October 2009. Skim milk powder(SMP), which is essentially NFDM standardized to a fixed protein level, increased 18% in October 2009.

Meanwhile, USITC database shows U.S. exports to China of SMP, Jan-October 2009 have fallen 67% when compared to the same period in 2008.

Fonterra is, no doubt, the lead supplier. There is talk of a trade deal with the U.S that would give N.Z. (Fonterra)special trade privileges. Seems like that is already in place.


  1. All the crap we buy from China and we can't get them to buy dairy from the US over NZ? Sounds like a good deal, let's keep it up.

  2. Maybe our government doesn't want us to to let them have it. It might make our consumers have to pay too much for dairy products.Then us producers might make a proffit.