Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trade Data

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Trade data was released today and for the most part there is little to get excited about. The U.S. actually exported 19% more NFDM/SMP than in October 2008. October exports were the highest of the year for all dairy products.

USITC reports a year-to-date positive trade balance in dairy of $234 million (this does not include casein). Although 2008 was much higher, most years there in not a positive trade balance.

All kinds of butter (HTS 0405) imports were slightly higher this October. The table above shows the joys of globalism, in the butter category for 2009.

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  1. Thought we had a "surplus"? Why would we import that much if we already have too much? I may be off, but I come up with the equivalent of 1,479,747,984 lbs of milk. If I'm right that's .8% of our projected domestic production, just in butter imports. ???????DWCovert