Friday, December 25, 2009

To Your Health

If someone were born in a manger today,sure enough, the authorities would be notified and the child taken from the parents.

No, the blessed event takes place today in a hospital where the costs approach $13,000 in rural America.

The health care crisis in America today is an insurance industry generated problem. We are the only developed nation in the world where health care is not a right.

One of the biggest steps which could be taken to help family farms is affordable health care. In a decent year, it takes all of the income from quite a few cows to pay for insurance.

While milk is priced below the 1982 - 84 base tracked by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical care is nearly 400% more. Doctor's fees are 323% higher. Health professionals donated nearly $100 million in the 2008 election cycle - good investment.

Many think of government health care as socialistic. Well, consider the constitution of Japan, in which General Douglas MacArthur played a heavy hand:

Article 25. All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living. (2) In all spheres of life, the State shall use its endeavors for the promotion and extension of social welfare and security, and of public health.

In 1947 Article 25, and MacArthur's concept of what America stood for were much more closely related. In 1947 American dairy farmer's could pay their bills, including medical bills, and all without off-farm income.


  1. its true health medical are too costly, only insurance industry can help us to recover the cost

  2. True health care is expensive and the reasons for this expense are many. So while we address the high cost of health care, we also need to look at the bigger reality for dairy farmers; that the price of milk at the farm needs to go up.
    As it is, most all of us have payments and needs that are a notch or two above health care. If we're lucky enough to stay healthy that is.