Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DIAC June 3 2010

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Probably better just let everyone come to their own conclusions.


  1. OK so the CME discussion will be led by someone from CME. Andrew N. will give a talk regarding "Farm savings accounts for dairy farm risk management". Does this mean the farmers should start saving their EXCESS money now for a rainy day? I guess I'm forgetting that this is a Dairy Industry Committee, and not a "HOW CAN WE HELP PRODUCERS GET A FAIR SHARE OF THE MILK DOLLAR" committee.

  2. Now that I'm awake do you think "Farm Savings Accounts" are a deduction from farmer's checks that is "saved" for them? Who saves it?

  3. Sounds like a meeting on how we can still screw the farmer and cover our a$$.

  4. Seems to me that dairy farmers should contact the usda and demand a meeting with them at which we get to write the agenda.

  5. i am beginning to think there is no use in fighting for better milk prices. if one of those guys at USDA start getting less in their paychecks believe me they will start complaining. Talk that is all they are doing, NO ACTION. The longer it takes at least that will be a sure thing their jobs will be there. Not saying there will be any dairy producers. The governemnt is milking their jobs.

  6. Dear USDA,

    Everyone you have on the agenda is the enemy, so why ask them how to make dairy farms profitable? They are the ones that are stealing from us because no one will NOT hold them accountable.

    *The CME is not regulated and the laws that are there are not taken seriously.
    *Reporting at the NASS is a joke.
    *The PAC people are funded by the sweat off our backs to protect the coops.
    *Risk management and options are nothing but a gamble.
    *Globalization...do you really want to depend on foreign countries for food, because the farmer here is becoming extinct?
    *Transparency...start with the USDA first, then the CME, then NASS then move on to the coops..force them to open up their "real" and complete books to the farmers that fund them.
    *As for savings accounts, the farmer used to have one, so don't ask us to fund a savings account for ourselves and hire 300 people to "manage" our funds and pay them a whopping compensation package to dole out our money to us.

    My question to you at the USDA...Why protect them over us? They are not us...they DO NOT represent us. Are you that stupid that you do not realize this or are you getting some form of compensation from them to give the appearance of doing something for the farmer while turning your head the other way?

  7. If you go to http://www.fsa.usda.gov/FSA/webapp?area=about&subject=landing&topic=dia-mt-jn2010 you can read the presentations and also if you look at the make-up of the committee you will see that its has many different folks on it.
    If you were there you would have heard some questioning of these 'experts' by folks like Jim Goodman, Bob Wills, Jim Krahn, Deb Erb

    Anybody with any ideas on what can be done immediately that fits within the current budget, rules (pay-as you-go), appropriated money etc that will not prolong the low prices send your suggestions in.
    Ed Maltby