Monday, June 14, 2010

Efficient-market hypothesis

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There actually is an "Efficient-market hypothesis." Underlying all the garbage about milk pricing is a belief held by some but, promoted by many, that the "market" is run by ultimate wisdom.

In looking at the import/export data, which in the big picture shows the U.S. is exporting quite a bit of dairy at fairly high prices,there are some little gray details hidden in the back corners.

Take the MPC trade with Singapore. Maybe Singapore has a use for MPCs so exporting to Singapore might make some sense. But, do we have a use for MPCs from Singapore? The gray color in the graph represents the whole gray area, some of which is entering the American diet.

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  1. who is the exporter of MPCS?? would this be away for the Fontera DFA grouping to move MPCs cheaply to a small country to turn around and resell to US for higher?? isnt that what fontera did all of last year through Ireland?
    what was the selling price of these MPCs?, i havent read any bragging from DFA of the ability to compete on the world market in the selling of MPC's... dont you think they would make a big fuss about it, bragg about it if they were? something doesnt make sense with this does it?