Friday, June 25, 2010

Food Miles

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USDA Economic Research Service (ERA) has just published a report on the food marking chain. The report is available at:

I have hardly gone through the report. Dairy begins on page 45. What seems not to be taken into account is the full dairy supply, as opposed to fluid milk. The Washington, DC area, and for that matter, the entire East is deficit of milk. There is a great deal of money spent hauling milk and dairy products East.

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  1. and west, Laura is in Madison for the DOJ hearing and guess where the yogurt she had was made? Upstate-Niagra Buffalo,NY!!! apparently nobody makes yogurt in Wisconsin?? Thats just like in the Subways here in central NY the single serve milk is from Arizona!? Upstate and Byrne can't process enough to supply local demand?? And they tell us WE must become more efficient!DWCovert