Sunday, June 13, 2010

Money Maker

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There is quite a problem in any attempt to fathom dairy statistics. One thing for certain, we exported a great deal more - particularly cheese. We exported 42% more cheese in the period January - April 2010 than was exported in the same period of 2009.

More importantly, the average export price for the period was $1.87 per pound. As they say, "Don't do no good." as the American dairy farm is paid based on the block Cheddar trading on the CME. Looks like the cheese was made with inexpensive milk and then at world prices.


  1. Then how is it legal for the coops (which are producer/farmer owned) to also own the cheese plants and not return the profit to the farmer?

    Where does the profit go? Management compensation? Just how many executives does it take to change a light bulb?

  2. that is why so many have second and third homes and their new cars. they pocket it. man it would be nice to have a new car in stead of one that is 10 plus years old

  3. A new car? How about wouldn't it be nice to have enought money to pay the bills. I could use new carpet, new spouting, the barn needs painting and the list goes on. We won't get what we need until we start screaming.

  4. Average export at $1.87 and CME at $1.37 puts a pretty penney in someone's pocket.