Thursday, January 20, 2011

DFA & Northeast Settlement

DFA has launched a massive PR campaign regarding the settlement with Dean Foods in the Northeast case.

According to the article and the court "DFA claims that such an arrangement would cause price erosion for dairy farmers."

Really,the arraignment DFA has had with Dean allows Dean to pay no premiums. You really can't go much lower than FMMO minimums. No wait, yes you can if you reblend dairy farmers milk checks as DFA has commonly done in Missouri, where they are headquartered.

See the mail box prices:


  1. I think this says the law firm representing the platiffs were obvious hogs at the trough. They just made DFA look good, wow. Beware the defense plan could very well be acuse others of what they do themselves! The gross over order price could be in jeopardy, the net return of premium dollars is what pays farmer's bills. The big red machine usually fails with the net part! The success of FFTF will require DMS to market all the milk to all the customers, what would we do without them? Now that would be a settlement!

  2. If you read the filing by DFA you will find the poor bastards whining that it will cost their farmers money cause they will have to transport milk further to other markets. Just exactly what have they done to all other handlers since the beginning of their pitiful existence? All of a sudden they worry about their members mailbox price? And it was their collusion with Deans that brought this whole thing about! Un-frickin' believable!

    But not to worry, the ambulance chasers have found a way to pocket a cool $10mil and they're ready to cut bait and run--screw the farmers and the mess that's left.


  3. I live in Missouri and sell milk to DFA. How is DFA reblinding milk to give us a lower price? I don't understand what this means. I have wondered how we can be in the southeast division in nearly every way except when it comes to pricing. I want to thank you for your articles.