Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Latest GDT Prices

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As can be seen above, Fonterra's globaldairy Trade auction held today saw prices rise dramatically.

Of particular interest is the skim milk powder, which is essentially interchangeable with NFDM. In the latest NASS dairy Products report NFDM prices fell just over 6%.

Highway robbery.


  1. Interchangeable? Maybe if you are snorting it. The difference in both makes a big difference as a buyer. Nice try.

  2. NFDM is manufactured to a specific moisture level. The protein is generally 35 - 36%.


    Skim Milk Powder (SMP) is the Codex Standard with a 34% "minimum".


    SMP is generally made by injecting lactose, which makes the lactose content quite variable.

    So, I still say the products are basically interchangeable.

  3. Agreed... NFDM and SMP are very close. True, if you aren't sophisticated enough to think about how you need to change your formulation, then they aren't interchangeable, but, for most people, we can understand that they are very close. Do you think that there is actually a taste difference between these products? There isn't.

  4. Hey John, nice job of telling the last bloodsucker to go "Sh&$@t in their Hat"!!! You handled their "attack" with grace and more importantly - facts!!

    It appears that the dairy bloodsuckers are always watching your website and perhaps they're getting more frustrated.

    Maybe all along we've given these bloodsuckers too much credit by assuming they're smart.

    Afer closer inspection they're a simple and dumb creature that simply knows where to attach themselves for easy money!

    Well done and Happy New Year! Bruce

  5. John,

    just read that India has continued their ban on Chineese dairy products for atleast 1 more year. INDIA, fricken INDIA is smart enough to know you dont import dairy products from China... they call India the biggets emerging market... where is our co-ops and marketing and promotions board at??? huge market that would take a QUALITY product... id imagine NZ is selling a ton of powder there.

    any thoughts?
    why do we import crap from china, and every now and then decide to reject a load of their junk? but cant do it permanently .. you know .. like India?

    wait mr vilsak told me personally we "cant just stop importing their products because they wont import ours"... i dont see the problem, do you?


  6. Seems you've attracted a troll John. Two days in a row and this time refers to a "buyer" in his vitriol. I always say if they start to squirm you're doing your job so keep the screws turning.

  7. My reply was in response to the "highway robbery" comment. Is it ok to have a different opinion? I have no intentions of directly going at John personally. He knows more about this industry than I do.
    Never the less, they are very similar products. We have powder plants transitioning to Skim as we speak. Futures markets have powder at $1.24/lb in Jan, and $1.35 april. Thats a massive increase. These numbers speak for themselves.


    From the Bloodsucker / Troll, whichever you prefer.


  8. Blood sucker/Troll/Dave I prefer all! SO you have a massive price increase well hells bells welcome to the club! Have you had to buy corn? or diesel fuel? or health insurance? Sorry but go cry in some one Else's beer. You get no sympathy here. JR/Blood sucked whatever you prefer.

  9. Regardless of what the futures market predicts, California powder (which CDFA uses in the milk formula) will continue to go to Fonterra at a drastically discounted price so THEY can make money on the world market.

  10. JR,

    Do you realize how easy it is to take advantage of these markets? If you're paying $2.50 diesel and 260/t corn right now.. good luck.
    Getting caught up in day to day price swings/news/reports will eat you alive. Skim/ndm - who cares.

    For your own sake, get ahead of it. Don't look backwards. When you have extra money, sock it away.

    Patience chief. I'm not here in defense of anyone.



  11. Dave in another place and another time I might call you friend. Understand that the comment I made was in response to what I perceived as a complaint from you about the increasing cost of SKim/NDM or whatever. We all have increasing costs. Get over it yourself. In the past I have socked money away for that rainy day. I just didn't think the rain was going to last for years on end! YOU have a good day. and don't worry about me MY atitude is a "Country boy can survive!"
    Thanks John for allowing this post.

  12. John,

    Why do they have a cash butter contract on the exchange? There was 1 trade yesterday 20c/lb above the previous day? Is someone asleep at the wheel? Butter plants determine their selling price based on the exchange. Thats ridiculous given yesterdays trade. I'm a proponent for DAILY cash prices reported from the plants, and full audit of those sales. Cheese/butter/powder/whey.