Sunday, January 23, 2011

Promoting the Affluent

If you go to:

You will find a a "PR Newswire" release from Domino's Pizza:

Domino's Pizza, the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, is striving to be a part of the solution when it comes to promoting healthy, active lifestyles for young people – highlighted by the launch of its Domino's Smart Slice school lunch pizza.

Domino's Smart Slice is a white whole-wheat, reduced fat and reduced sodium pizza, which is baked fresh and delivered to schools. Domino's Smart Slice is already being served in more than 120 school districts, and Domino's plans to double that number within the next year.

Then we find:

"Domino's Smart Slice is a fantastic example of industry collaborating with America's dairy producers to develop an innovative solution that nourishes children," said Tom Gallagher, Dairy Management, Inc. CEO.

"We have been conscious that pizza can be perceived as not healthy, and Domino's Smart Slice solves that problem," said Brent Craig, director of nutrition services in Douglas County, Colo., a participant school district. "Pizza is without a doubt our students' favorite food, and serving this gives us an option that is nutritious – not to mention, our students love it. It's a great win-win for us."

In other words, dairy farmers checkoff dollars are promoting Domono's Pizza because of the so-called cheese topping.

The so-called cheese is made by Leprino. Forbes magazine lists Jimmy Leprino as the 141st richest American in 2009. See:

Cheese king weathering recession: dairy prices have declined sharply during past year, enticing cash-strapped pizza lovers to indulge their cravings. Leprino Foods supplies cheese for budget-friendly fare like Domino?s, Papa John?s, Pizza Hut pizzas, Hot Pockets

Estimated sales, $2.6 billion.

Seems like Jimmy could afford to promote his own product without drawing money from dairy farmers.


  1. but isn't that what we 'little people' are here for, the benefit of the elites? they only allow us to think we are in it for ourselves.

  2. I think what is missing here is "is this cheese real cheese and what exaltly are we paying to support." How about promoting whole milk for a change, it taste better and is a whole lot less fat than this stuff we call pizza cheese. Why did we stop promoting real whole milk?

  3. because the price paid to farmers could not be controlled off class 1. fluid is not a commodity and can't be stored to use inventory against pricing system. If class 1 were to be properly promoted we would need 12 million cows to provide it. ain't gonna happen.

  4. Why don't farmers take control of their promotion dollars? I asked a number of mothers what message or ad they were aware off from dairy farmers, no one could mention anything but the california real cheese commercials. If we all promoted fluid, whole fluid, it would be a mad scramble for cheese milk and no need to even think about powder. Just remember, we are asking the same people to solve the same problems and expecting different results. Does this remind you of the definition for stupidity?