Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Milk Production Up _ What's New

Milk production for the country was up 2.5% in December:

Who knows what the figures actually are? But, dairy farmers have run up feed bills, let many bills go unpaid and eaten up years upon years of equity to continue to produce milk.

There are moral question to economic question which are being ignored.


  1. I don't know where these figures come from, but I can assure you that the milk production is down at least 10% for our coop here in California and from what I'm understanding it's down in our whole region. The only viable explanation I can see is they must take the milk numbers from the processors production figures and we all know it isn't all milk. If the milk price was halfway decent our farmers might be able to feed their cows due to demand, but since when has demand helped a farmer?

  2. Well let's consider these are the same folks that estimated our corn crop last fall. An interesting obsvervation from the link John provided is the graph clearly shows 2010 production exceeds 2009. The all milk price for 2010 will surpass 2009 by nearly $4. So could all the nice people following Arden and the concept of supply management, please explain? The demand is global and the suppy is local and the wild card is currency. Not trying to be a smart ass just prompt real thinking. This game of agriculture is going to get very very difficult, spending $80 will not level the playing field. I'm not against farmers organizing and educating that's all good, however keep expectations real.