Sunday, January 2, 2011

National Importance

"So let's break with the New Zealand tradition of cutting down our tall poppies. Let's celebrate our dairy industry's success on the global stage, and appreciate Fonterra and the dairy industry as an achiever that makes a difference to our everyday lives."

The full report is at:

"We don't get no respect"

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  1. Life blood of rural economies! Good for the farmers of NZ, here in the USA dairymen are someone's bitch it depends on the day. We have USDA as our pimp and DMI as our agent, no blood left not even for Farm Credit. The proof is in our rural communities. Did profits from misreporting powder in 2007 help the NZ industry expand? Could Dairy America been that lame? Maybe just maybe someone got a coupon, it wasn't a US dairymen! What if CWT killed their cows? It's a world market right?