Saturday, February 5, 2011

Big Is No Solution

Here is a link to dairy farms for sale:

The first dairy "Artesia" is a human tragedy. The former owner took his own life after working so hard to do what the "experts" advised. His widow struggled to carry on, without success.

There are many more victims of the status quo. Very few wish to examine primary causes, preferring to blame the victim.


  1. And when food prices rise through the roof and there is not enough dairy and/or beef, the farmer will also be blamed.

  2. For being either greedy and/or inefficient, but we still won't see full financial benefit of it. That is reserved for the ones who are already stuffing their pockets at the expense of BOTH farmers AND consumers.

  3. lets hope the small family farm hangs in there. i love to go for rides in the country and see cows in the pastures grazing.