Monday, February 21, 2011


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Recently, I had a graph on the ratio of heifers to cows. I received the following comment:

Is this data ACTUAL cow numbers or is this just extropalated from the 23 state guesstimate? #2 how do the changes in line correspond with CWT removals? Being that cows were removed that would increase heifer/cow over normal culling. Sexed semen is always dragged into the discussion but does anyone have any REAL numbers as to how much effect it is having or is it all speculations? DWCovert

This appears to me to be a legitimate question. I have doubted all the hoopla la about sexed semen but, as the graph above shows heifers only, the only reason explanation for the growing numbers seems to be sexed semen.

Certainly, the large numbers of heifers will devalue the herd as an asset. Who will be the real winners, as usual, remains to be seen.


  1. Looking at this it does seem that sexed semen has and will have an affect. Just to be a bit of a jerk, Who audits these numbers? or is it still a guess?DWCovert

  2. Herds that stop using BST have more calvings

  3. if I'm reading this correctly there are an extra 500,000 heifers per year now compared to 2004? Is this true?

  4. Before I start catching too much flack,my point is without accurate info a misguess by only 1% could throw numbers of cows, heifers, and slaughtered off by thousands. Production numbers could be off by millions. Inventory same. If the miss is by 3-4% then the guesses are worthless and cause uncalled for movements in price both up and down.DWCovert