Monday, February 7, 2011

World Dairy

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One thing for certain, NMPF will never be serious about supply management in its Foundations For The Future plan because as long as CWT is exporting how can NMPF talk about limiting imports?

Another thing, why is CWT giving out export bonuses? Here is what Dairy Market News most recent overview of the Oceania export situation:

Oceania suppliers are stating that the tone in many buyers comments is one of desperation. Most are very concerned about supply availability and are often willing to pay the prices if supply is available.

Not all the cards are on the table face up


  1. Actually John, the big concern for me is this: IF a CO-op sells milk forward for an undetermined price and the price goes to the world level than we just took from all farmers to make even more money for one co-op.
    If the price is determined already but then the sale isn't figured in until the purchase has been completed doesn't that drive down the nass survey if prices keep going higher? SI in the end we help the bigs screw us or screw us. Right?

  2. I thought cooperatives belonged to dairy producers. Do they have their own money besides what NMPF squanders on bonuses? The big coops REQUIRE their members to contribute, and when has this BS EVER contributed to the sustaining or raising of prices paid to the farmer?