Saturday, February 6, 2010

2009 a Banner Year

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As everyone knows 2009 was a very bad year for dairy farmers. The case was different for cheese processors and retailers.

The above graph shows record spreads in value from farm to processor and retailer. This may or may not be the same as profit but, there is plenty of space for concluding profits from cheese were at record levels.


  1. By now it should be crystal clear to all the dairymen left in this country that nothing is being done, by anyone, to help improve these catastrophic milk prices. There is no "hope" left that things will turn around anytime soon as the morally and ethically unfit traitors controlling this "market" will continue to steal this precious commodity from farmers of all sizes, across the country, as long as they can. After all, even if less product is sold at higher margins it's better than more product at lower margins. So if supply of the raw material dwindles a little, profits will still be had - perhaps even more profits, with less work... all the better.
    These same traitors that have no respect for the farmer, have no respect for the law or justice and have no fear of reprisals or uprisings by disenfranchised farmers. As their arrogance makes them blind to the ways of the real world; lost are they in the make believe market they have created for themselves. For only their betterment they are compelled to force upon us ideas and half-truths, once mostly believed by producers, now their rhetoric is doubted by nearly all.
    Will the dairyman continue to drive his business, his herd and his family towards the gates of hell? Or will the light be seen in time? Could dissent grow and take root as the spring rain sprouts new grass? As far as I know the cows are in your barn, the milk in your tank, the choice is yours.

  2. I was at a farm organization gathering this past week and came home more disturbed than before going there. I had a private conversation with a dairy farmer's wife who reported than an environmental professor told a son's class that farmers today do not need tractors. The same job could be done with horses and would be better for the environment. They just like to play with the tractors in the fields. This is just another example of educated? people spreading their fairy tales. I also talked to two people in the banking industry who agreed that the government has no intention to do anything about dairy pricing before the next farm bill. One of the bankers tried to talk to a politician before the last farm bill was passed. When he didn't agree with what the politician stated an aide held up a sign that read, Do not argue with the Senator. How arrogant!!!!!! We do need to make changes, the question is how can we be heard? The farmer who shot his cattle and then himself didn't even make the news in my area. I like the idea of making a video of foreign dairy farms, their unsanitary conditions compared to our dairy farms.Call it GOT IMPORTS? We should interview US dairy farmers and have them tell how financially tough it is tobe a dairy farmer. (and we need to tell the truth- let's be honest even with good milk prices we only get to catch up on the debt accumulated over bad times. We need to get the point across that we have a huge investment that needs to return something or no one will be interested in dairying. And perhaps we could include the hearings prior to the last farm bill which can be found on the internet. All of the problems we have today were discussed years ago and ignored, and sadly some of the same politicians who knew about the pitfalls of the legislation will do nothing to help us today. If CWT money could be used to help Haitians, then our check off money should be used to produce and air the video!

  3. I wonder if the politicians have considered what the consequences would be if the farmer that shot his cattle and then himself would have chosen to take it out on others (whom he thought were to blame for the low prices) instead of himself?

  4. If you are interested in Dairy, Farming, Cows, Sustainable Agriculture, and potentially working with good human beings; then read the new book by David Gumpert, "THE RAW MILK REVOLUTION - BEHIND AMERICA'S EMERGING BATTLE OVER FOOD RIGHTS."

    The Milkman is Back!
    The Milkmen are Back!