Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Northeast Case

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Another case has been filed against the usual suspects in the Northeast. Some may wonder why?

For starters, look at farm milk price. For October 2009, dairy farmers shipping to a cheese plant in Idaho, not in a federal order, were getting $13.67 per hundredweight. Farmers around Middlebury, Vermont got a blend price of $13.41 per hundredweight. Class I utilization in FMMO One was 48.9% and yet farmers received less than cheese milk price in Idaho.

The Northeast is the fluid milk market in the country. The defendents in the case clearly have depressed farm milk price.


  1. CME Milk Prices Down? why?

    Fonterra has is monthly auction tomorrow. We should see result in the morning.

  2. Do you think all these lawsuits will actually force any change? I thought when they were filing the first ones, that they might pull in their horns, but if anything it seems that they have forged ahead with business as usual with great enthusiasm. I guess we can at least hope for some improvement.

  3. With the farmers footing the legal bills why should they care.The farmers are paying from all directions.

  4. If DFA patrons in Idaho don't show some black ink this year, they may be shut down, and DFA would have some pretty new plants setting empty. They would probably sooner shift money to farmers near their new plants. J.B.

  5. The time is now for us dairy farmers to stand up and swallow our independant pride. The time is now to fight for change and these lawyers are trying to help our industry. We need to help them to help us.

  6. Unfortunately the fact that someone filed a lawsuit has about as much effect as someone "introduced a bill". Seems the only thing slower than the legislative process is the legal system and believe me, the plaintiffs are getting pretty pissed off.