Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dairy Products Report

Yesterday NASS published the "Dairy Products" report:

If you go down to page 3, the cumulative numbers for 2009 begin. Total cheese was up 1.7%. So, where did the milk come from to make the cheese. I suspect souped up milk with imported dairy proteins.

Another clue is the lack of butter and butterfat products. Butter was down 4.6% for the year. Ice cream was down 2.2% in 2009.

Powdered proteins can boost cheese production but, you need a source of fat.


  1. This USDA NASS data is derived from what the processors tell them. We have already had admission of error in the cheese cold storage data for the eight months of 2009. I do not believe the information provided to USDA IS ACCURATE!

    Unless USDA conducts proper audits of ALL reporting stations, I do not think we will ever have accurate data.

    Steve Barton

  2. Why is there not a way to track the usage of MPC's. Is it a food product or not? I don't believe any other food product moves around a secretly as MPC's, and I worry that one day some of the tainted milk from China, could be unloaded on an unsuspecting US processor, and find it's way onto our store shelves. That would make last years dairy crisis look small. Once we track it, we can inspect it.

  3. Strange, the statistics for imported dairy proteins show that imports are down in 2009...

    Maybe the increase is a result of increased milk production in the primary cheese producing states?

  4. We are a primary cheese producing state (Calif.) and I can tell you first hand that we did NOT have a milk increase in 2009. On the contrary we were down from the previous year considerably.