Saturday, September 4, 2010


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USDA's (note: 's does mean "possessive")Dairy Industry Advisory Committee with meet again September 23 & 24, 2010.

The agenda does not install any confidence other than that the status quo will be well represented.



  1. G' morning John,
    America's dairymen need have no fear; the status quo will be well maintained by any committee driven by the towering ego and emense pomposity of Cornell's "Doc" Novokovic. God help the U.S. dairy farmer,as the Dairy Industry Advisory Committee surely never will; with Novokovik at its head it'll be naught but another talking shop... Nate Wilson.

  2. My God in Heaven! What do all of these people and "Doctors" have to do with farm milk prices that doesn't keep the price down? Absolutely stocked with the lobbies and economists that support those lobbies. This (thanks Vilsack) is the biggest joke in Washington. Not a farmer on the agenda and it's supposed to be about FARMERS! Liars and Thieves.