Friday, September 17, 2010

Milk Production

Naturally, contrary to virtually all early reports, milk production in the 23 lead dairy states was up an astounding 2.8% when compared to August 2009.

The latest report compares only the current August with August of a year ago. Comparing August 2008 with August 2010 shows an increase of only 3.3%. Not much of a gain in two years.

Notice though, there is no processor who is complaining about the flood of milk and begging for some form of supply management.

The export data, available through July, shows a very large increase in exports. For the fifth straight month cheese exports have been high. The July 2010 cheese exports were the highest for the past six years.

Milk price volatility has been huge in the last three years. The difference in the average "all milk" January - August, was $7.06 comparing 08 with 09. So, I would hope another hundred years or so of the same 'ol milk pricing system, people will find the is no relationship, to speak of, between price and production.


  1. The CWT is keeping the cheese and butter orders coming in. These orders are backing up and is helping the demand right now. It will be Febuary before the orders are caught up. The milk price responded today to the fact that cow numbers slipped. I think the CWT is finally working right! We now might want to renew it. I know this will make some people mad but look what it is doing right now. It is acting as our supply management.

  2. The only thing worse than the incompetent morons that create (and orchestrate) these purely ficticous numbers are the blind fool dairy farmers out there who believe them.


  3. Amen Rusty.DWCovert

  4. Amen Rusty again. Who wrote that first one, Kozak?