Thursday, September 9, 2010

July MPC Imports

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This is a case where one picture is worth a thousand words.

In this case too, the value per pound of MPC imports in July 2009 was $1.57/lb. In July 2010 the value jumped to $1.96/lb.


  1. How many gallons of fluid milk does a pound of mpc displace?

  2. stocking up so when the demand for ice cream goes back down they can use the now available fat to crank up cheese production and drive price back down.

  3. so, cheese inventories are at an all time record high and that is what is holding the price of milk at the farm gate down and at the same time fat is at an all time low and mpc imports are up. paints a pretty distorted picture doesn't it
    robert lieb

  4. Now we know what we already suspected. Less milk - more cheese = thieves.

  5. seems kinda funny when the 'official' usda numbers change with no reason and in some cases contradict one another( see John's previous post about july production up 3%). I don't think anybody at usda has a clue but their job is to spit out numbers so that's what they do, whether it makes any sense or is even close to reality doesn't matter. Guesses on top of guesses based on guesses. we won't ever get a fair shake till we have a system based on REAL NUMBERS.