Thursday, September 30, 2010


Word has it that Russia has banned all further imports of U.S. dairy products because of concerns about paratuberculosis or more correctly, Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) - Johnes in cows Crohns in humans.

Here is today's Dairy Market News mention relative to NFDM:

MD DA640 Nonfat Dry Milk - West

MADISON, WI. September 30, 2010 (REPORT 39)


Western low/medium heat nonfat dry milk prices are unchanged for the
mostly series, but slightly lower for the top end of the range. The
market tone is steady. A cautious undertone surfaced as the trade
assesses what effects the Russian stoppage of importing U.S. dairy
will have on the NDM and other dairy product markets.
Higher world SMP prices are noted, but the U.S. price is not moving
towards those levels at this time. Current NDM producer offerings
are generally light and expected to be limited over the next few
weeks. There are sporadic offerings of older NDM available along
with availability from resellers. Production of NDM is steady to
slightly higher and mirroring changes in milk production in the
region. Stocks are light to moderate. Western high heat prices are
trending slightly higher. The market tone remains fully balanced
with seasonal demand noted. The spot market is only lightly tested.
High heat output often remains limited and being held for contracted
or later committed needs. Stocks are mostly light.

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  1. All the money we (as a country) spend on, what in my opinion, are non-threatening cattle diseases should be spent on a cure for Johnes and the eradication of things like shipping fever and pneumonia - both of which cost the cattle industry millions each year. But instead we fear monger over things like the almost completely non-existent BSE "mad cow" disease or the prevention of the very common world-wide cattle disease foot and mouth - a non life threatening disease that cattle normally get over by themselves, with no treatment, and little or no long term affects. Yet if we had an outbreak of foot and mouth here I guarantee, thousands, or perhaps millions, of otherwise healthy, productive livestock will be eradicated. Such non-scene from the leaders in this country and this industry.