Wednesday, September 8, 2010

SE Case Class Certified

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This ruling has been long anticipated. In a class action suit those who are part of the class have to be verified by the judge - this has now been done.

Mostly, the Judge granted certification of all classes with the main exception of DFA members in the Southeast claim for “breach of contract.” The Judge seems to think those DFA member somehow benefitted from DFA’s action. The Judge stated, “To the extent that DFA has engaged in the wrongdoing alleged in plaintiffs’ complaint, it would appear on the surface that most, if not all, of DFA member dairy farmers have in fact benefitted from DFA wrongdoing.” “On the surface” indeed.

In footnote 9 on page 19, the Judge states, “Plaintiffs’ breach of contract claims appear to focus on claims that DFA has participated in “sweetheart” deals, made “secret” payments to insiders, wasted money on unnecessary expenses, and the like.”

If the Judge owned cows and shipped milk in the Southeast he might have a better grasp of the facts in the DFA member’s claim.


  1. What part of low milk prices paid to farmer and high salaries paid to DFA "top brass" does the judge not understand? Add to that, all the "side ventures" of DFA that do NOT benefit the farmer whatsoever, only friends of friends of DFA.

  2. Add to that, the joke of the farmer trying to find out anything about the financial aspects of a coop that they supposedly own. The annual report explains nothing in detail.

  3. Oh, and let's not forget about the mandatory deductions from the farmer's check that amount to @ 8% of the check. CWT fees that at one time were called deductions and the name was changed to investment. Fuel surcharge fees that will not go away until fuel goes back to $1.25/gallon. Why is hauling through DFA $1.10 per hundred weight and other coops charge anywhere from 75 to 85 cents per hundred weight?

    And the judge thinks the farmer has benefited from the crooked shenanigans of DFA?