Sunday, April 11, 2010

Latest WASDE

You have to wonder how many reading this report will contract some of their milk?

The milk production forecast is raised for 2010 as the pace of herd reduction is reduced from last month. Dairy exports on a skim-solids basis are lowered due to weaker-than-expected sales early in the year. Both fat and skim-solids basis imports are reduced from last month due to weaker-than-expected imports of cheese. Fat and skim stocks are forecast higher for 2010 as cheese stocks have not declined as expected. Product price forecasts are generally lowered from last month as milk production is forecast higher and demand is weaker than expected. The cheese price is reduced as stocks remain high. The butter price forecast is about unchanged from last month as stronger prices in the first half of the year may largely be offset by lower second-half prices as butter production increases. The nonfat dry milk (NDM) price is forecast lower as export demand lags. The whey price is lowered slightly. The Class III price is reduced due to lower cheese and whey prices while the lower price
forecast for NDM results in a reduced Class IV price. The all milk price for 2010 is forecast at $15.45 to $15.95 per cwt.

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  1. All this and today's cheese price drop despite NO sales of blocks dropped 3 cents based on a last minute offer. Can't one of us call in a bid at the end of each days trading and bid the price up? Yeah right.