Friday, April 23, 2010

NFDM Price?

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Today's NASS price for NFDM is $1.14 per pound. California's latest posted price is $1.11 per pound for the week ending April 23, 2010. Probably the powder listed by DairyAmerica was made last week. Obviously, from DairyAmericas's site, the powder is from California.

All of this raises an important question - what is the wholesale price of NFDM? The chances of having this question answered is virtually zero.


  1. Dairy America posted spot price is $1.30 in the attachment. California uses a weighted average price which includes sales to Fonterra for probably less than $1.05. Another example of how end-product pricing isn't working for dairymen.

  2. If the world price is up and CME is up why does Dairy America continue to sell to Fonterra so low when we all know they are making plenty on it? The March California overbase price paid to farmers announced Friday was $12.48, down from $13.11 in February.

  3. Today's announced California price is $1.08 thanks to Dairy America dumping another 17 million lbs last week. Again this weighted price reflects that someone gets to buy way below market (Fonterra?)