Friday, April 2, 2010


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At one time Cornell University was predicting a 98% adoption of Monsanto's product "Posilac", which is now owned by Elanco. Monsanto put up quite a bit of money to promote rbST through an organization AFACT.

Long before rbST was approved, the public voiced opposition to the product. Public be damned was the attitude.

Now it is comforting to see that California dairy farmers participating in the survey cared about the public. The study, "Update on rbST Use in the California Dairy Industry", by Henry An and Leslie J. Butler.

The authors conclude, "Results from our latest survey show that rbST is being used on the smallest share of dairy operations since its commercial introduction in 1994."

We will need the good will of the public if we are to get out of this farm milk pricing mess.


  1. i really got sick and tired of farmers saying bst was a mangement tool. They did not care whether the consumer wanted it in their milk or not. Sure they say it will not harm us.
    But i am damn sure i dont want to find out.

  2. Canadian dairy farmers voted overwhelmingly to not adopt its use in Canada after it was approved for use. They recognized the support of the public for a safe healthy product was more important than any production gains. I notice craft advertises its crackerbarrel cheese is artificial hormone free, as is all milk produced in Canada.