Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who Did It?

If you look at the last "Cold Storage" numbers you will see that the numbers for January were revised downward, and not just a little.

Furthermore, virtually all the "wrong" data came from the "Mountain" region. There are very, very few plants which would be part of the NASS survey. NASS likes to not let on but, I think there are only two.

So, how much were the numbers off? 172.5 truck loads! Some mistake!

USDA ERS tells me the "Commercial Disappearance" numbers will be revised.

You could make up a believable scenario that the numbers were a deliberate attempt to justify crashing farm milk price.

Additionally, many people rely on those numbers because they are supposed to be accurate. Besides, they are the only thing out there.


  1. Name the names of the person(s) responsible for the mistakes at USDA.

  2. At the top of the page is the name and number:

    I suspect but, do not know NASS was given the wrong data.

  3. It's survey data.

  4. If there are no consequences or accountability this type of thing will happen again and again and again. I fear there are no honest people left in "friends of agriculture". After all, I was told years ago by my milk processor, they need the money more than we do!

  5. Jerome and Kraft would be my guess.

  6. Why are we surprised-they are all greedy crooks! They may soon have me to point and laugh at but eventually they will get caught with thier pants down!!

  7. more evidence pointing toward the need for mandatory everyday electronic reporting.No more guesses based on last months guesses and then revising data after the point of it doesn't matter any more. This should be part of the DOJ investigation. Once again we will take it in the shorts no one will be held accountable and they will get away to screw us another day.DWCovert