Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More on Salaries

The feature article in the March 2010 issue of The Milkweed is on salaries for many "friends" of the dairy farmer. Here's the link:

Steve Taylor did a good article in Lancaster Farming.

In the April 2, 2010 issue of Farmshine Sherry Bunting added to the information: "According to Charity Register, the average CEO salary paid by non-profits was $160,000 in 2008." Good work.

One more thing, the idea and the heavy lifting for the story came from a reader.


  1. So let's get rid of DMI. If our lawmakers want us to agree on what to do, that should be something we can start with. The greedy moneygrabbers have got to go, they aren't worth any salary if we can't make anything-why should they? DPAC is putting together ideas on what we should ask for in the farm bill- let's let them know we don't want to pay for DMI anymore. All of those big salaries and they don't even support a simple thing like the real seal. Who do they really work for?

  2. They work for the ones who don't want the real seal because their products aren't made with real milk. Like CWT it's just another way to steal money from farmers.

  3. We need a CSI board with all the "arms" dangling from DFA (and others) that reach into the pockets of the farmer.

    Also included (and investigated) should be the number of employees at each (CWT, DMI, etc.), the job description of each and the total amount of money/options/dividends/compensation each receives. Then add to that any money that these "front" companies use to hedge under the "so called" risk management plan.

    Nothing like this is ever included in the annual report and we know better than to ask.