Sunday, September 27, 2009

Imports Continue

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There seems to be no end of conventional dairy experts trying to minimize the impact of dairy imports.

My thought is fairly straight forward. No one imports dairy products as a conversation piece. Imported dairy products indicate a demand greater than domestic production.

Above are two graphs on imports of basic dairy products. The imports for cheese include all kinds of cheese. For butter, the graph includes butter, butter substitutes (which include butter as an ingredient) and butter oil.

The raw data is from U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) database.


  1. We have been letting our free subscriptions to a number of dairy magazines just expire. They seem to be no more than mouthpieces for the blame the farmer crowd.

  2. John

    Please add in the MPC & WPC imports.

    The insanity of importing doesn't make sense. Cold storage of butter increased by 86.3 million for that same period. So it would seem they are importing just to add to supplies in cold storage!

    What a great way to keep the butter price down!

    Steve Barton

  3. Get the picture now! They dont want food here is the United States. Cheap labor overseas. To bad we are that stupid to let big business do that to us. And this just did not happen this has been going on for years and we just sat there.
    Make more milk use rbst . Thanks for the colleges to brain wash the farmers. It is a tool. My FOOT!

    Fighting milk prices did not just start at least for some of us.

    Sorry i am just mad, fed up with our so called rulers. We are the slaves for sure.