Tuesday, September 15, 2009


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What can be said about NMPF latest plan. For the most part when someone is claiming to save you, reach for your billfold because that is what will be gone if the plan works.

NMPF wants a mandatory checkoff, which they would run (who else. All they need is $.25 per hundredweight from every dairy farmer.

Nice lifestyle support system.


  1. I'm almost at a loss for words; If things keep going in this direction, most dairy farmers in this country will be slaves to a fascist type system (don't take my word for it - look it up yourself, this would be by definition, fascism), basically government and industry working together to control the means of production (that's us); we'll have no say and they'll have us by the shorthairs.
    I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again; we have the cows... this is our battle to lose. Without us, most of these folks are just plain out of luck. If they convince Congress to steal from us and give to them in the ruse of it being for our betterment and we let it happen then shame on all of us. If you're inclined to think that NMPF of DFA has your best interest in mind, think again, they don't.
    I know it may not be popular with some folks but I agree with Robert, let's all take off our skirts and dump a little milk. Let's see if what they tell us is truth or fiction. Is the price of milk really that sensative to relativly small changes in supply and demand? If so a couple days of dumping milk across the country will have a huge affect on the price of milk and we'll all be better-off, if not, they better come with another exuse.
    I think there are enough capable, competent, dairy farmers to organize such an event and plenty of disdain among all of us to make it work.
    Think about it; what does your brain say?
    Jeff Suehring

  2. amazing how dfa is presenting this in the letter i just got, that it is their task force they came up with this plan... did we pay twice for the same BS plan to be created or claimed? Thanks DFA, NMPF, good work, way to try to initate a plan that might, just might benefit the PRODUCERS of the PRODUCT you need to stay in business...

    Jake Jones

  3. please explain LOC DIFF .1500 in our milk checks

    thank you

  4. I would support a milk strike.

    Many of my fellow farmers would also.

    We just need some method of getting organized.

    Steve Barton

  5. if we dump , this is terrible to say do not give it away to charity, that is what the government wants free food to feed their people. We really are becoming slaves.

  6. I know nobody will probably come back here, but just in case; About 190 billion pounds of milk is produced in this country each year, written out that's 190,000,000,000 if my math is right, a quarter cwt would be 1,900,000,000 quarters or $475,000,000.00 (475 million dollars), I guess that should be enough, if not they'll want more.
    Jeff Suehring