Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who pays the bill?

Type “milk protein concentrate” into Google “News” and you will see quite a few stories pop up. This, of course, is worrisome to all those trying to cut costs by using MPCs.

A host of MPC defenders and, for lack of a better term, minimizers, are rushing to counter the claim.

For example, at the end of August, on Dairyline:

Jerry Dryer of JDG defends MPCs:

“A fair amount of MPC is used by food companies for various applications, according to Dryer, because it has a lot of the lactose removed from it, whereas nonfat dry milk does not, “so MPC has a specific application and specific uses so it is sought after by some food manufacturers.”

“U.S. MPC output last year amounted to about 88 million pounds, according to Dryer, who also reported that MPC imports in 2008 amounted to about 109 million pounds and the U.S. actually exported about 62 million pounds “so it’s one of those give and take products.”

Where did the output data come from so that the number can be independently verified?

Futhermore, what is not mentioned is that JDG (Jerry Dryer Group) is a contractor for “your” checkoff money.


On page 140, you will find: “JDG Consulting–Dairy Issues Management”

I have tried my best to find what “Dairy Issues Management” is all about and just exactly what the pay for the position is, to no avail.

My guess is that it is exactly what it seems to be – for some nice work. And, probably, little volatility in the dollars rolling in.


  1. I'm wondering if you know if there is a standard of identity for chocolate milk; much to my suprise I found the last bottled chocolate milk I have was make partly with non-fat dry skim milk. In the 1/2 pint skim version. Until I had picked that up another brand I get was made with fat-free fluid milk. I bet it is in the country long enough to meet the 30 day requirement and is being used in school lunch programs around the nation, and most appropriately we are supporting it with our promotion and tax dollars! So why is it that the dairy promotion dollars while being assigned on imports now or soon to be are not charged the same rate as US Producers?

  2. I am so glad you are keeping this blog. I have been aware of some of this since I spent some time on a small coop board, but there is so much more than is generally known...thanks!!