Monday, September 21, 2009

Letters From the Country

This is probably the first time in anyone's memory when the suppliers to dairy farms have been in such rough financial shape. This time is different


  1. G' Morning,
    Where to start? I took a call last p.m. from a friend openly wondering of the possibility of a European style milk dump.Personally, I see an effective national action as a daunting if not near immpossible proposition. Being a coddger, I reflect back on the carefree days of my youth listening to my wife's late father, Lee Sylvester and his btothers-in-law, the Waites, going on about the trials and tribulations of dairy politics in the 1930's.
    Even in those innocent times, when milk markets were local, and even monor differences of opinion often were settled with fisticuffs, milk actions were akin to herding cats with a broom... some faithless SOB always promised to dump, only to be found delivering his cans in the wee hours, which led to bruised faces, broken windshields, dented cans and milk in the street. Always the story ended the same... more SOBs than enough righteous to wrangle them.
    So, does this rule me out in a dump? Not in the slightest; I may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but there's nothing wrong with my nerve. That said, I would still like to think any action I was in had something greater than the proveriale snowball's chance of sucess...
    So that brings me to my point-(finally!!!)
    What is the consensus of the Blog on this weighty proposition? Is a European style dump even a remote possibilty? Before answer, consider the scope,logistics,mechanics,etc.; what would be the fallback position in the event of failure? Much to think about and consider. Contact me here at the Skunk Works- or Ph.(716)962-8488. Later, Nate Wilson.

  2. Had a producer make a good suggestion the other day about this. Each farmer goes to the neighbors and dumps their milk, and a neighbor dumps your so that everyone participates. Will it work? I don't know, but I hear more and more people talking this way.

  3. Jared,
    I am not sure that it would work as planned but I am sure there would be a few pissed off by this action. But on a positive note the individuals that had their tank dumped could not be blamed for thier insolence in the face of the (insert large coop here).
    Robert Lieb