Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vilsack's Toolbox

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Tomorrow, September 10, 2009, in Federal Court, Eastern District of Tennessee, at 9 am the Court will hear the arguments on the NYT, NPR request for documents.
At 10 am the court will consider “class certification.” Both are extremely important. The documents filed thus far confirm a failure of DFA to behave in the best interest of members.

However, there is an even more important issue which needs to be brought into the light of day.

Secretary Vilsack said in California, recently, he had used all the tools in his toolbox on behalf of dairy farmers.

This is not so. According the Agricultural Marketing Act 7 USC § 608 c (7) “Terms common to all orders “ (A) “Prohibiting unfair methods of competition and unfair trade practices in the handling thereof.”

Clearly the defendants in this case walked around the Department of Justice with ease but, there was no need to walk around the Department of Agriculture as no one can recall that they have ever been a force in “Prohibiting unfair methods of competition.”


  1. to me what Vilsack said is a cop out. Has he even tried?

  2. His toolbox???? what is he like a city housewife has a small hammer, pair of pliers and a screwdriver calls that a toolbox? This boy needs to get him a mechanics set with about 2000 or so tools so he can actually accomplish what he needs to.

  3. Here's hoping that the appointed dairy advisory committee isn't stocked with the same old suspects doing the same old thing. The NEW tool should actually be dairy farmers and three cheers for CPA Genske at the Modesto meeting.