Monday, September 21, 2009


Indeed, the only sure outcome of NAIS are the windfall rewards, which tech companies and the trade groups that support them are currently jockeying to catch. The
consortiums they form with private technology providers and federal and state governments are too cozy and too lucrative to give the system an appearance of anything
but a cash cow for corporate beneficiaries. The tens of millions of dollars in taxpayer money that has already poured into NAIS has done more to enrich a handful of money-minded organizations than to ensure food safety,and it is time that the USDA jettison this program.


  1. I wish it would just drop. Every time you think it is dead, it rises from the ashes again.

  2. I know of no farmer who supports this program.
    Jeff S

  3. NAIS is a bad JOKE. Do they really expect all those eartags with the copper wire in them to still work at the point these animals reach the slaughterhouse? Beef from brazil, last I checked they still had foot and mouth disease in brazil, AAH but wait a minute brazilian beef is cheaper so it must be O.K.. This whole thing is one more govt boondoggle in the name of food safety while inferior products are brought in from overseas that contain god knows what.
    Robert Lieb

  4. Yet we want to make fuel from our homegrown grains and import our food.....?