Friday, September 11, 2009

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Here is proof positive of why farm milk price is so low.


  1. Couldn't have anything to do with whoops we just got done killing too many cows now we're short. Its because they do such a great job in "marketing" I didn't happen to see where it said they were going to pay more for it.dwc

  2. If they planned to pay more for it they would go buy milk off of the open market which has been flooded with surplus all year or thus we have been led to believe. They are looking to increase production internally; does that mean the price of our animals just went up? Probably not after all we have also been led to believe heifers are just waiting in the wings to increase production. I think perhaps the dairy animals removed by CWT might have served a better purpose on parade at the capital or at Vilasaks Office or grazing on the south lawn of the White House. I certainly would get more attention than the crisis if fetching now in the political arena!

  3. First cut of DFA letter;
    Hey you with the cows - this is DFA pay attention,
    Help us out we are extremely short of milk right now, but we are unable to pay you a fair price for the milk we do get because there is just way too much milk. We understand that you may want to produce more milk because you have bills to pay, so we will increase your base to help us get the milk we need. However, we understand that due to the low prices we are willing to pay, that it may be hard for you to increase and sustain the production we want, keep in mind this is not a free market system - we pretty much control it, so we will not be paying more for the milk we need. If you go out of business due to the extremely low value the free market has put on the glut of milk in the country it's not our fault or problem; in fact it's your fault for producing too much milk. Way too much milk has almost single-handedly lowered the price to pre-historic levels (adjusted for inflation we haven't seen prices this low since T-Rex walked the earth).
    If our current membership is unable to accommodate us, we will be forced to sign-up new members using our normal strong-arm tactics. One way or another we will get the milk we need without paying any more for it... don't make us get out the whip.
    DFA (Devalue all Farmers in America)

    Money Pit Acres

  4. PS
    I almost forgot; please don't blame all those dairy imports on DFA's current misfortune of not having enough milk. They're really not a problem at all, you see if we could just get our hands on more of that stuff and figure out a way to stick more of it into these fine quality dairy products, we here at DFA help produce, then we wouldn't have to ask you poor dairy farmers for more milk. So you see dairy imports really help you the producer... the more imports we can use the less milk you need to produce.
    Thanks for seeing it our way,

    Money Pit Acres

  5. They must have all that MPC they imported and not enough milk to add it to.

  6. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!