Friday, May 14, 2010

Flat World

This is the most recent, in part, report from Dairy Market News on nonfat dry milk:

MD DA640 Nonfat Dry Milk - West

MADISON, WI. May 13, 2010 (REPORT 19)


Low/medium heat nonfat dry milk prices in the Western region
are continuing to climb higher. The market tone remains
firm. Buying interest is becoming more mixed. Some domestic
buyers have coverage and have slowed down on buying extra
NDM. Export interest is fair to good and clearing product at
higher prices up to the top end of the range. Volumes are
variable and the pricing levels are below other world pricing
indices. The stronger US dollar is making US sourced NDM
more expensive. NDM production in the West is seasonally
active. Stocks are often light to moderate with most being
committed for nearby sales.

And here is a report on the California budget:

The movie star turned governor said California, the most populous U.S. state with an economy that would be the eighth largest in the world, faced the same dilemma of dismal growth and budget gaps as Greece, Spain and Ireland.

The U.S. dollar is rising because of Greece and the Euro. What will it take to get the value of U.S. dairy farm milk checks to rise.


  1. A committment by the powers that be, and society in general, to recognize the REAL value of essentials. Food, Clothing, and Warm Shelter and the people who make them happen. We, the Farmers, Loggers, Miners,and Drillers, who every economy in the world is based on need to be held in as favorable regard as the movie stars, athletes, and politicians who contribute no tangible value to society. DWCovert

  2. NORM has been pushing the same stuff for years - never really did catch on. Probably never will I'm guessing.

  3. California price for NFDM w/e 5/7 was $1.06 on 33 million lbs with no CCC sales. I fail to see a correlation between California and anywhere else. This is the price Caslifornia farmers get paid on.

  4. California price w/e 5/14 $1.07 on 25 million lbs w/no CCC sales.