Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Theory on China Dairy Ban

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It seems to me that if China out of the clear blue placed a ban on the importation of American dairy products, a letter outlining the reason(s) would be easy to obtain. Not so. No one I know has seen a letter.

So, my thoughts have turned to why no letter is readily available? My main suspicion is now, some U.S. agency goofed in responding to a request from China, within a broad time frame.

The images above, are from another country but, I am going to guess the U.S. got a similar letter and some agency failed to act. Judging from the request to another country, I would guess, the failure lies with USDA. There are enough people at USDA who have my email address and they can just send me a copy of the letter from China, if they wish.


  1. I realize this letter is addressed to another country, but why would inspection certificates be issued by more than one institution?

    Has the USDA stated that there is no letter or that there is a letter, but they just don't want to share it?

    China Mengniu Posts Profit as Sales Rebound From Milk Scandal
    April 21 (Bloomberg) -- More than 200 students in two cities in northwestern China’s Shaanxi province vomited and suffered stomach aches after drinking milk provided as part of school breakfasts, China Daily reported today.

  3. why would they go out of their way? they are not getting paid to send you a letter. it is not in the job discription.