Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shadowy Data

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Milk supply seems, in spite of all claims, to have little to do with milk price. The April 2010 milk production numbers came out and seemed to indicate more milk. What was of particular interest was the "milk per cow" data.

The "milk per cow" is a derived number, as is the number of cows. However, we are in a time period in which the numbers implied in the "milk per cow" seem to be pulled from thin air.

How much more grain would be needed to obtain those numbers? Who is paying the grain bill?


  1. If you go by the layoffs of nutritionists at our feed mill nobody is paying the grain bill.

  2. back to the butter issue-outmovement from warehouses highest since 08 and "normally" building this time of year-so prices continue to drop at our good old CME!!

  3. Is there a way to force USDA to show evidence to back up this "bloated" data?